Wednesday, 5 February 2014

31 before 32

You know all those lists, x things you need to to before you are 30/40/90 etc. I have always been intrigued by them and secretly comparing them to my own lists. In one of them I read that you should be able to cook at least one signature dish before you're 30. Well, that ship has sailed. But it inspired me to make a list of my own, being at a not-round age of 31. This is not 101 in 1001 days or 30 before 30. This is 31 before 32, because 31 comes before 32 and these are 31 things that I want to practice/achieve/acquire/learn before I turn 32, and some of which I aspire to turn into lifelong habits. In no particular order.

- be more adventurous with makeup
- embrace life, practice gratitude and joy
- use nice stationery
- focus on my health and wellbeing
- read more good fiction
- try fish spa pedicure
- visit a country I've never been to before
- get a really nice and ridiculously expensive face cream/treatment
- incorporate more structure and planning in my life, where needed
- take up writing again
- explore Riga more
- be kind to myself
- lead a fantabulous life
- as much as it is possible - disregard stupid, mean and uninspiring people
- practice and improve my Swedish
- have a "me" trip - a long weekend to myself
- become better at saying no
- paint something breathtaking
- learn the "alpha, bravo..." alphabet
- be unapologetic about who I am
- learn to cook that signature dish of mine
- get a new PC
- take up organized yoga again
- get a fabulous bag
- blog
- take more walks in the park, for no particular reason
- incorporate no nonsense policy, where needed
- explore nice and expensive perfume
- restore my hair
- go to movies more often
- learn the technique of perfect winged eyeliner

I'm inspired, are you inspired too?

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