Tuesday, 4 February 2014

come join the freaky side. a fragrant love affair

This dark beauty had been intriguing me for quite a while and I read a ton of reviews before taking the plunge and ordering it without having ever seen the bottle in person or "heard" the scent. I admit, the dark bottle and the "smell and die" note of belladonna were part of the appeal. So when I spotted it in a limited edition set on Illamasqua site, it went straight to my shopping bag.

I got the 30ml bottle, the regular upright one, alas without the chopped off corner and the little cute snail, but still - gorgeous bottle. I wanted so badly for us to be at least friends, but it seems that we have become  more than that already.
This is what Fragrantica has to say about it. It is supposed to start off with a whiff of the mysterious belladonna and opium, grow into white flowers of the night and dry down to a smoky oud and incense.
For me it feels almost fresh, not so balsamic and heavy as I thought it would be, probably due to the cool quality of its smokiness. On my skin it starts with a slightly spicy, cool veil of white flowers. Indoors it develops into a slightly warmer, a bit intoxicating note that I can't put my finger on (can it be the notorious belladonna after all?). However, outdoors in the cold it stays fresh, almost minty and opens beautifully in the crisp air. Makes me wonder how it will behave in warmer weather. After some 6-7 hours I can still trace it on my wrist, by which time the sharper edges have smudged out and it becomes a tad warmer, almost enveloping, but not suffocating.
When I wear Freak I don't feel outrageously different, I don't become a rebellious misfit. I doesn't feel like a pompous secret behind bolted doors, rather a secret hidden in the plain sight. A perfume for a witch, or a spy, or a con artist on a job. Makes me think of dewy grass and intoxicating freshness of an urban spring morning.

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