Monday, 9 February 2015

January out, February in

January sprinted by in a second. In a way it seemed like a long winded last month of 2014. The feeling of a new year has not kicked in yet. But it has been a new year, its very first month. On the surface rather unefentful, but somehow very saturated. I started this year in a place I couldn't have imagined I would be in. I experienced reunion on different levels. I turned 32. And most of all, I have been living a more aware and purposeful life. Or so it feels, Thank you January. 
Hello February. You feel like spring to me, hence the picture. I know, I know, you still have to be stern and all wintery and stuff. But spring is imminent, we both know that. So you might as well confess that in all truthfullness you are a messenger of spring, rather than the last soldier of winter. Come on, confess! We both long for this ---

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  1. Spring IS imminent. And oh, how we'll celebrate when it reaches our shores :)