Saturday, 8 March 2014

Just a casual Saturday, but do I smell rebellion and tulips?
The Soviet tradition had made this day into something else than it originally was - from a day of fight and solidarity it turned into a day of tulips and "celebration of femininity", which basically was a muzzle on the cause of equality. We can still see the tulips today and for some people this day still means giving gifts to women for being women (or rather being feminine). On the other side we have the modern day debate of the neverending struggle for total equality and the eternal warfare of sexes.
For me, however we turn it, this day is still wrapped in a halo of ambiguity. It is important to remember and honour the fight that has taken us here, remember the true reasons behind this day, but we cannot march on with outdated weapons and split hairs about the paperwork and the legislation of being female and male in the modern society. It feels so demeaning, to both women and men. And the fight itself feels demeaning too. I think we can put the fighting days behind and focus on cooperation instead. Try to see all the ways we can support, complement and inspire each other. Not just between the sexes, but also within. Stop fighting over who is the most feminine or the most hard fighting feminist, stop debating paperwork and keeping score. And start seeing each other outside the boxes and labels. Fight together, against the remains of inequality, but for the differences that make us human.
Two words that spin in my mind on this day are "female" and "feminine". And neither of them defines a woman. A woman is a person, not just a social construct or a certain version of human reproductive system. The same applies to men.
I believe that one person is more different from another person than a woman is different from a man. The biological sex and socially constructed gender do not define us, they are just two pieces of the evergrowing and developing puzzle that makes up our personality. To stretch one of the pieces as a label over my whole being for me is restricting, because I want to be me, with everything that it entails. I refuse to define myself solely by my sex or my gender. 
The true freedom and equality is in being able to be yourself and do your own thing. And that is what I wish for all the women (and men for that matter) on this day - be. Just be, and live in a way that manifests your cause. And above all else be happy, because happy people are kind to each other, happiness nurtures support, not oppression; happiness cannot be legislated, it is ours to live.
Happy 8th of March.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

not degrading, retrograding

image from istockphoto
Mercury is supposed to be in retrograde at the moment, you're not advised to travel or make any life changing decisions, but hey, life doesn't stop just because of some planetary movements. Planets move, and so do we, be it forward or sideways.
Don't know if this is Mercury or just the remnants of cold and fever, but I have a strong feeling I will be retrograding come weekend. And cleaning. Maybe.